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PVA, as a systems integrator for its core solution competencies in Network Solutions and Enterprise Information Management, accompanies solutions designs and implementation with a broad range of Professional Services. Professional Services from competent and certified technologists ensures that solutions are designed correctly, installed and integrated to function effeciently, and the overall solution project is managed and controlled by a fixed schedule and completed on time and within budget. Some key Professional Services that PVA provides are the following:

  • Site Survey – A certified engineer travels to each site involved in the solution and with defined survey templates, gathers pertinent information that is critical for the design efforts, and performs an assessment for project implementation, logistics, and space requirements
  • Engineering and Design – Based on customer defined requirements and data obtained from site surveys, the design engineer develops the network solution, conducts a detailed evaluation to ensure compatability and functionality, and develops the equipment Bill of Materials. The engineer also develops any required technical drawings to assist installers and management personnel.
  • Installation – Certified installers inspect and conduct a full inventory all equipment and components that are shipped to all locations, perform any site preparation that is required, and install equipment at the appropriate location as defined by the solution design. All installation efforts conform to industry standards and practices.
  • Integration – Certified testers turn up all equipment following all defined testing procedures and integrate the equipment with other associated systems to establish end to end connectivity,¬†functionality, and full operational efficiency.
  • Maintenance – Ongoing support of equipment and systems through the sparing of equipment components and remote technical support
  • Project Management – Full project control conducted by a certified Project Manager to ensure tthat schedules are met, risks are mitigated, and costs are controlled



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