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PVA, as a certified business partner of Alcatel-Lucent, brings an application fluent network approach to the converged network. Our vision of an application fluent network is based on a resilient architecture with streamlined operations that reduce network complexity and provide automatic control with dynamic tuning of network performance. This application fluent network possesses broad knowledge of both network devices and the applications to which they are connecting. Most importantly, it understands the context of the conversation between the user, device and application – and makes decisions based on that understanding.


Combined with a comprehensive management stack, the solution delivers:

  • A simplified network with wire-rate 10GbE/40GbE core
  • Network virtualization for reduced equipment and streamlined operations
  • A resilient network that does not impact real-time application performance in case of failure
  • Embedded security for protecting users and enabling BYOD adoption
  • Conversations managed in context with the User Network Profile (uNP) for a high-quality user experience
  • Multimedia Fluency for enhanced quality delivery of voice and video
  • Automated provisioning of access switches and endpoints
  • Low power consumption

The converged network solution supports open standards and interfaces to deliver quality bandwidth with a significant reduction in network complexity. Standards-based equipment ensures interoperability and future expandability of the network.


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