PVA Virus Scan Integration Module for OpenText Content Server

          Viruses are dreadful programs that can cause major headaches for businesses and their computer users.  If a virus finds its way into your system, it could potentially cost you important documents, large amounts of money, many hours of time, and even customers.  The most unsettling … Continue reading

Commercial OpenText Modules from PVA

                PVA has developed several Commercial Modules to enhance the functionality of OpenText Content Server (formerly “Livelink”): The Virus Scan Integration Module (Virus Scan) can keep viruses out of your repository.   Content Server itself is not in danger of becoming infected from the … Continue reading

Desktop Virtualization for the Business Enterprise

 The way enterprises design, build, and deploy desktop workstations is changing rapidly. Traditionally, standard configuration images were copied to personal computers (PCs) at a central location from where all PCs were shipped to the workplace. Once received, users would tailor their PCs to suit individual preferences. But with the increase … Continue reading

The Need to Conduct a Wireless Network Assessment

Many Enterprises and Health Care facilities have implemented Wireless local area networks (WLANS) within their facilities or campuses as a means to establish data connectivity. Establishing this data access using wireless technology was quicker and less expensive than having to lay cable throughout a building or throughout a campus. Although a wired … Continue reading

Converged or not to Converge

I recently had a conversation with someone who represents a HealthCare facility and we talked about Real Time Location Systems. This is really interesting technology found in many hospitals. It uses wireless technology (WiFi like what we have in our homes for Internet access) and is complemented with transmission capabilities … Continue reading